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Marie-Louise Gormley: Seagulls


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From the "Birds of a Feather" solo exhibition by M.L Gormley.

Two seagulls in a stormy background framed in an off-white frame.

Measurements (framed): 61 cms x 67 cms

Medium: Merino wools and hand dyed silks

Marie-Louise Gormley has worked as a freelance artist/facilitation on various community arts projects, using a range of visual art processes for 15 years.

Five years ago, Marie-Louise has successfully returned to her own art practice in the past five years, specialising in textiles and hand-made felt paintings.

Inspired by the Irish landscape and the beauty in nature, her work is a mix of memories and imagination illustrating places, nature and colour. 

"I enjoy the meditative aspect of working with my hands so process is an essential part of my work and is as important as the end result. Starting from pastel and charcoal sketches, to inform the finished art piece, I use the age old tradition of felt making which gives me the opportunity to let my intuition guide the mediums I use to make their own marks. Experimenting with whatever I have to hand, wools, fibres, fabrics and hand dyed silks to create felt paintings. I build layers to exaggerate colour and texture, sometimes moving the representational towards the abstract. This adds intensity and depth to my paintings which I hope evokes an unexpected emotion or appreciation for the beauty and spirituality that surrounds us."

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