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John Coffey: Coastlines - Antrim and Donegal

John Coffey has always been interested in painting but after a month at college he decided to graduate in photography.

Twenty five years later, John has returned to his first love, the results of which he is presenting in this exciting exhibition of acrylic paintings on boxed wooden panels.

John's style is very photographic, linear and precise:

"There were decisions to make regarding an approach. For example, one might veer towards the ideas of American abstraction and define a painting through its 'objectness' and flat surface. Or one might, instead, venture out at night and spray paint urban walls...
To narrow the field of options, I decided to make boxed wooden panels as supports for my – as yet unrealised - paintings. While I appreciated the 'objectness' of the panels – they did have a pleasing, solid feel – I decided instead that my interest lay in the old fashioned idea of painting a 'picture' on each panel.
As I worked on my paintings, in a broadly realist fashion, a linear style emerged.
I have called the resulting collection of paintings 'Coastlines'. While this makes sense in a purely descriptive way, the word also implies the attempt to delineate a boundary. In this sense, the word chimes with my struggles to find techniques to delineate borders and edges, surfaces and textures and the various folds and
fissures that have interested me in coastal landscapes."

We are delighted to be showing John Coffey's new work from the 17th May to 8th June this year. A very talented artist to watch!


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