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Scott Benefield - Zanfirico Low Bowl



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Best described as lace made with glass this beautiful bowl measures 8.5cm in height and 19cm in width.


Scott Benefield and Andrea Spence's work is inspired by decorative glassblowing techniques first used in 16th C. Venice that are married to a contemporary sensibility of form and function. The production line is built around the idea that beautiful, handmade objects can have a place on the everyday table. Most of the range consists of containers that have some pouring function—jugs, cruets, decanters, etc.—as well as a selection of bowls and vases. Andrea received her degree in glass from Edinburgh College of Art and Scott has an MA from Ohio State University. Scott is also a Fulbright scholar (studying glass in Sweden), a Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust recipient and was awarded the Rosemary James Bursary by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland in 2015 for his work in glass.

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