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Alan McCluney - Ceramicist

Alan McCluney - Ceramicist

Alan McCluney at work. Alan throws very fine porcelain bowls, cups, teapots and vases. His peacock glazing is a signature statement.

Alan had originally developed an interest in art through photography which he studied at Art College. He however fell later in love with ceramics and became a self-taught studio potter. His work was selected by the British Ambassador to Thailand as ambassadorial gifts for the Thai royal family and government. Alan's work has been purchased for the Seamus Heaney Homeplace in Bellaghy. In the 2017 summer he was an Artist in residence for August selected by the open house festival in Bangor.
We love Alan's beautiful use of glazes on his pottery and are delighted to welcome his work into the gallery.

His pottery is very fine and delicate and is a delight to both look and use.

Alan McCluney at work making wonderful ceramic bowlsThrowing pots is fun and our talented ceramicist Alan McCluney does it to perfection!